Tonghua Dongbao wins 2021 China ESG Award for Best Environment Case


On October 19, 2021, the 2021 CLS ESG Summit Forum was held in Shanghai by Cailianshe (CLS) under the guidance of Shanghai United Media Group. Tonghua Dongbao won the 2021 China ESG Award for Best Environment Case.


China ESG Award aims to pay tribute to Chinese enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the ESG cause in China and to express the industry's recognition of these enterprises. The ESG excellence cases will motivate more enterprises to commit to ESG efforts and seek high-quality development. This award is a recognition of Tonghua Dongbao's achievement and active engagement in ESG activities. It is high praise for the Company's environmental management system, employee environmental awareness, energy and water conservation policies, and green procurement policies.

The Company has earmarked funds for environmental protection every year since its interception. Tonghua Dongbao boasts a modern environmental management system with the chairman as the top environmental manager, the deputy general manager as the environmental management representative, the office of environmental protection and program implementation as the executive body, and the departmental heads as the internal auditors. The Company has kept a close eye on environmental indicators, and faithfully fulfilled its environmental responsibilities. It has earnestly completed relevant tasks, improved relevant systems, increased capital investment in environmental protection, and strictly supervised and assessed its environmental protection efforts.

The Company started to implement the ISO14001 environmental management system in 2002. It identifies and evaluates the environmental factors in its activities, products, and services by various methods, including compliance checks, expert assessment, quantitative evaluation, and internal and external testing, to ensure that each environmental factor is effectively controlled and meets the emission standards.

The Company has established an environment and energy management system, adhering to the principles of conservation, ecological optimization, economic efficiency, recycling, energy conservation, and emission reduction. It has saved massive amounts of electricity by avoiding the use of non-continuous equipment during peak hours and adopting new energy-efficient equipment, technology, and measures.

Going forward, Tonghua Dongbao will continue to enhance ESG-related systems, take practical actions to fulfill its ESG responsibilities, and integrate ESG into all aspects of corporate management, to deepen business innovation and fuel high-quality development.

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